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CPD Saturday



Saturday 19th June, 2021 10am-12pm


In this talk, Helen Stoten (HMI Subject Lead for Early Mathematics) and Steve Wren (HMI Subject Lead for Mathematics) will share and elaborate upon the work of the curriculum unit in Ofsted, and provide some of the key messages elucidated by their research review process. These are messages about curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, CPD and school systems drawn from a review of literature. When the maths research review is published, Hannah and Steve hope that it will provide some useful insights about progression within these areas. A principles paper that provides more background about this work has recently been shared.


Key themes for this NAMA CPD Saturday session will include:

Talking and thinking about curriculum content – the reasons and inspiration for chosen language regarding the ‘what’ of the mathematics curriculum

Interplay of concepts, facts, methods and strategies and what this means for sequencing of curriculum, instruction and rehearsal

How the instructional needs of novice and expert mathematicians differ

How quality and quantity of practice impact pupils’ progression through the mathematics curriculum

‘Surface features’ vs. ‘deep structure’ – problem solving, lesson design and textbooks

Tests of component and composite knowledge


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